Svevia Edsbyn uses GPS support system from Mowic and B & M for road maintenance

Svevia plows, sands, salt and maintain state roads for the operations area Edsbyn. A total of 808 km state roads in the area Ljusdal Ovanåker and Bollnäs. In addition, Svevia responsible for 180 km of private roads in the same area. The monitoring of road maintenance work using Svevia GPS devices in vehicles that continuously reports in which activity is performed, the quantities of material posted, and any barriers to work. Svevia Edsbyn has 4 own vehicles and 16 subcontractor vehicles that handle winter activities. In the summer, is 4-5 vehicles running for mowing, sweeping, grading and watering.

Magnus Jonsson is production manager for Svevia Edsbyn and also coordinator MPS (Mobile Production Systems). He is a daily user of the system and says, “The purpose of acquiring the GPS system was to reduce the administrative burden, better control, and get the correct replacement basis against the subcontractors.”
Before the GPS system were acquired as Magnus spent much time on administration of time sheets from riders who were subjectively assessed and entered manually. It was about 400-500 “patches” which each month would be handled. Now Magnus compensation data from the GPS system for all riders in minutes, and Magnus can instead use their time for other things.

“The biggest savings, however, that the subcontractors are now being paid according to GPS data,” says Magnus. This means that payment is for exactly the work done. The system defines the road links included in the mission and reports collected for the duration of the work performed on these sections. Svevia Edsbyn has now introduced “pay according to the GPS-data” in their procurement of subcontractors which have significantly reduced costs. Control of material quantities Svevia Edsbyn also uses the system for material tracking. Now I know Magnus was and how much salt and sand spread. By Magnus fleet of vehicles is a vehicle equipped with links to gritter to automatically transmit the amount of material. The vehicles transmit press a key for every note laid out which gives a good picture of the map of the spread.

Since the system also provides a real-time update of what vehicles are doing and where they are, they use Magnus also the system for an easy way to verify that vehicles are called out on the spot. It saves many phone calls

Magnus also has experience with GPS systems from other vendors. He believes that the benefits of Mowic / B & M system is ease of use both in the vehicle unit with six distinct keys, and software in the office with which he quickly and efficiently access their reports. Svevia is of course with and have opinions and ideas around the system. One such example is the display material produced for feeding amounts as a supplement to the VU.

Magnus believes that GPS systems will in future become even more important for Svevias activities and great potential for new uses and additional functionality.

This text has been produced by Mowic in cooperation with Svevia.
For more information contact Michael Rindborg, Mowic 08-564759 05th