System description TrackIce Snow

The TrackIce Snow system is unique due to its wireless and battery powered operation which ensures very easy installation and deployment.

Snow sensors

The snow sensor use ultrasound technology to measure the snow depth at the chosen location. Measurements are taken at 15-minute intervals and transmitted to the central unit.

Central unit

The wireless central unit measures temperature and humidity and transmits this and the received information from the snow sensor to the customer´s monitoring system. A separately installed central unit has the benefit of also being able to handle information from other sensors of various types placed in the same area. The wireless mother unit contains metrological sensors that measures air temperature and humidity. In combination with information from the road sensors hazardous situations can be identified and avoided. Due to the nature of icy roads, there may be need for multiple sensors; for example going from road to bridge or across several lanes on one road. The wireless part of the system makes deployment of such a system
much easier than has been seen before.