Snow depth measurement system TrackIce Snow

The TrackIce Snow system is unique due to its wireless and battery powered operation which ensures very easy installation and deployment.

Snow removal at the right time

Being able to start snow removal actions at the right time has in the past often been a problem. By using the TrackIce Snow sensor this problem can now be minimized. By having access to real-time information of snow depth at different, sometimes remote locations, makes it possible to ensure that snow removal is initiated at the right time. Depending on settings in the customer’s support system, data from the snow sensor can be used to automatically dispatch alarm messages to the appropriate unit responsible for snow removal in a specific region.

At the office

In MeteoGroup´s weather service Roadcast the information from TrackIce snow is used for both road weather forecasting and for nowcast, i.e. real time information about weather conditions.

The TrackIce system is also delivered with a simple API ensuring easy integration towards other systems.

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