With TrackIce you detect slippery roads in time

TrackIce is a unique ice warning system designed to save lives and money. The system is comprised of a mother unit connected to surface sensors through DigiMesh wireless technology.

Battery operated and wireless

No need to tear up the road and bury cables to link the sensors together.  TrackIce is battery operated and wireless. The distance between the sensors can be as much as 100 meters  with an operation time of up to
60 months.

Fast and simple installation

The focus during development has been to minimize installation and deployment time to reduce total cost of
ownership. Mounting a sensor takes approximately 15 minutes. The hole in the road needs to be 90mm in diameter and a depth of 140mm. The sensor is mounted with a custom mounting tool which places the sensor automatically in correct height. Finally the hole is filled with formable asphalt.

Watch “Mounting TrackIce in Södertälje” on YouTube.

Cost effective measurements

Thanks to the cost-effective deployment per unit it is possible to build grids of sensors for more precise and
updated road status. The DigiMesh technology based on Zigbee, brings benefits such as stability and self-healing networks. The sensors perform a synchronized sleep mode which improves energy efficiency
and saving valuable battery life.

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Watch “Mounting TrackIce in Södertälje” om youtube.